Corporate Events

I facilitate keynote talks, professional workshops, and corporate and community training events for small businesses, startups, large corporations, government agencies, professional associations, and non-profit organizations on the topics of anxiety, grief and loss, and burnout.

Talks, Workshops, Training

I am passionate about supporting business leaders, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, executives, and employees at all levels in deepening their understanding of mental health challenges in the workplace, how to best support employees and staff, and how to cultivate a workplace environment that fosters better mental health for everyone in the organization.

My talks, workshops, and training events are tailored to the unique needs and desires of the organization, including the time, focus, and location of the presentation, and the number of attending participants.

Grief Debriefs

I offer grief debriefs to organizations and companies in the Columbus area. My debriefs serve teams following the death of an employee, the death of an employee’s family member, or the death of a client they served.

During these debriefs I create a space that is safe for teams to talk about the individual who died, how the loss has impacted them, and the unique concerns or struggles they may have. Not only do I hold space for teams to share their experiences in a way that they feel heard and validated, I also provide important psychoeducation and tangible tools to support them on their journey forward.

Generally speaking, I explore what grief is, the loss(es) they are experiencing, the normal and natural reactions of grief, what misinformation to be aware of, healthy coping and grounding tools, and what tangible steps they can take in the weeks and months to come.

I believe that every loss is unique and individual, so I aim to accommodate the grief debrief to the team’s unique needs and requests.


Your investment begins at $250/hour and would be determined based on the unique needs of your organization.


I’m a licensed professional counselor and certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist®. I’m grateful for the opportunity to support our community through facilitating debriefs, talks, workshops, and training events throughout the Columbus, Ohio area. 

Contact me today to request a consultation to discuss your company’s needs.