I hear you.

I'm Brent, a licensed
professional clinical counselor.
And I want to help you get unstuck.

I specialize in:


Anxiety disorders can dramatically interfere with daily activities, strain relationships, and impede performance at work or school, and more.


Grief & loss can cause intense emotional distress, impact you socially and professionally, and even lead to health complications due to chronic stress.


The impact of depression can be devastating. It can severely disrupt your job, family, friendships, finances, and more if it isn't addressed.

Here's how you get started.

1. Schedule an appointment

Enjoy an intake session where you feel heard and learn new tools that work.

2. Create a plan

Together we will create a personalized plan for your progress and reserve your next session.

3. Get results

Practice your new tools to experience more clarity, peace, and a better life.


Imagine your life.

Imagine if you could be more present in the moment rather than stuck in your inner world.

Imagine if you could heal from emotional wounds that you may have carried for years.

Imagine if you were empowered to do what is most important to you, even in difficult seasons of life.

Imagine if you could handle difficult emotions rather than be dominated by them.

Imagine if you could get distance from negative thoughts, rather than consumed by them.

Imagine if you to be more adaptable in challenging situations.

Imagine if you gained greater confidence to navigate stressful times.

Act now and invest in yourself.

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