Depression Counseling

Throughout the busy streets of Columbus, Ohio, professionals from all walks of life are on the move. You may be a business executive, teacher, physician, pharmacist, or fire fighter. You likely excel at what you do. Yet, underneath it all, you are navigating a silent struggle with depression. You fight it with all you’ve got, yet its clutches are hard to escape.

You can overcome your battle with depression.

Depression doesn’t care who you are and what you do. It grips adolescents and adults throughout our city. For many of us who have tasted great success, it can be perplexing. Why do I feel depressed when I have accomplished so much? 

Depression can impact anyone, no matter what is on their resume. It’s not a sign of weakness, but rather an indication of your humanity. And there is a proven path forward that can free you from being overwhelmed by depression. Together we will develop a plan customized to suit your needs that will help you heal and enjoy life again.

My approach leverages the evidence-based principles and tools of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT will help you manage difficult thoughts and feelings effectively while committing to actions that align with what matters most to you. ACT has been shown to successfully treat depression in adolescents and adults.

Take the first step towards feeling rejuvenated.

You deserve to enjoy a rich, meaningful life, and I can help you get there. Imagine getting out of bed excited for the day ahead and confident that you are equipped to handle whatever it throws your way. The tools and skills you need are out there and available to you.

I am here for you. Schedule your first appointment today, and take your first step to a renewed passion for your life.

Take the next step in your healing journey today.